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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Magical Memoir of Nectanebus II

Updated August 2, 2016

As I develop my memoir, I'm getting my outline ready.  In my memoir I will make observations from memory, report or record what happened in the past and with the latest theories. The memoir should be published as an eBook this year. My magical memoir has the following chapters:

1. Affirmation Junkie: I'm an affirmation junkie and have tested saying a variety of words 20 to 100 times a day. Have you ever tried this?

2. What is your soul mate or perfect lover? How do you bring this person into your life? How do you find your perfect mate using a zodiac wheel? What are the charms and enchantments that get someone to fall for you? The true power behind this magic, the real secret of witchcraft love spells or the magic for sex. This book can't be discussed in this blog as I'd have to give a warning about the blog having an adult rating.

3. My own prayer - is this already covered in my blog? Complement what is already in this blog. Dealing with spirits as friends or associates means no commands: doing it differently. I believe that my own system of prayer, which I developed in 1985, was given to me for the purpose of using it for something great.  It was to be used for my own Egyptian system of magic.

4. John Dee’s Symbol - What Does It really mean for us that practice using ideologies of new age and occult? A new interpretation and how you can use it with your occult rituals.

4. The secret of happiness? (For magicians and mystics only!)

5. How to find God's will or how are we lead by Gods?
What is Divine Providence?

6. Discovered Stargate Secrets
The U.S. government didn’t know what was behind the remote operators’ spike in mental projection, a little myth about the sun staying its course and where this new kind of magic is the most powerful. Is planetary magic the most powerful?  Timing is actually tied to the success of the magic.  

My second memoir coming out in the future will cover more sorcery and the laws of working with spirits. Working with spirits is like a science. What are the rules and laws? I will also cover combining the forces of 2 gods. I have speculations about how to combine Gods using my Hebrew, Greek and Egyptian magical systems.

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