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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Experiments in Evocation

December 8, 2016

This is my essay in the research of evocation.   I will weigh various options in magical procedures.  I will consider actions to do or to test.  I will consider the nature of it with current known theories.  This is an analysis and interpretation for my own research.   I will examine all possibilities.  
I’ve examined books by Gavin and Yvonne Frost, Konstantinos, the Book of Abramelan the Mage, Francis King, Stephen Skinner, Steve Savedow, Joseph C Lisiewski and Christopher S Hyatt have talked about evocation from the astral plane or by the Aurim Solis method with the use of mirrors. 
While some feel this is the most powerful magic that one can work, I disagree. Most power is with the Divine Names. Divine Names are what issue the power to drive these lower forces. Normally, the Divine Names have all the power and the spirits are then drawn up through a magical triangle.   However, you can see from the old books at Finbarr International Books that demons can be used without going to the extent of calling them to a triangle. While work with Goetic demons seems to be the ultimate in occult work, they are the most dangerous to utilize. I am years away from putting out a book about the work. You can find out what they specialize in and it is important to call them for only what they are meant to do. If your objective is negative they may work quite well. Those that have worked with occult books from Finbarr International have seen that you can work with Goetic demons with the use of a seal. Full evocation to visibility is not necessary. Only your own experimentation will show whether it is better to call them with one of the Divine Names or whether it is better to call them with the infernal names. I'm referring to the negative Kaballistic tree.
My first exposure to this kind of magic was from the book The Key of Solomon the King. This was a book that detailed complicated procedures to pull a demonic force out of the ground. The danger is that the force, if left uncontrolled, may cause the operator to become possessed. I then obtained a copy of Gavin and Yvonne Frost's Power Secrets from a Sorceror's Private Magnum Arcanum. The next book I purchased was the book, Goetic Evocation: The Magician's Workbook Volume 2 from the author Steve Savedow. Savedow was unsuccessful in his experiments only to blow out electrical systems in the house that he was working. You can see that work should always be conducted outside, possibly in a forest, so as not to bring about the possible demonic destruction in a home. Work may be conducted in a rented building but be prepared to pay the landlord of the dwelling fines if the demons cause trouble by damaging the structure. Joseph Lisiewski's book, Ceremonial Magic and the Power of Evocation, was the last book that I obtained in this topic. Lisiewski drives the point home that the operator has to take on the power of the Divine Names and that is what drives the spirits. His book makes it clear to me that the author has not done many invocations. I did hundreds of invocations over 35 years ago, but have not tried a single evocation to date. If you see elsewhere in the blog I prayed to high ranking arch demons for a desire; I know work with demons are very real and feasible.

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