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Thursday, September 17, 2015

What Black Magic and the Book of Hate Shows Us

NEW! September 17, 2015
The picture above is of Asmodeus and is in the public domain.  I thought it was appropriate for this subject.  

Everyone, I’m sure, has encountered those people that we could all do without.  I’m talking about enemies, people that put us down around our friends, bullies and those bosses that might single us out for no reason at all.  Maybe, someone has treated you unfairly along life’s path?  This entry has been a long time coming.  I refer to it as the “Book of Hate”.   

There is something that black magic can teach us.  It doesn't have to involve Satanic worship, elaborate witchcraft rituals or voodoo dolls. For awhile, I’ve wondered why hate magic works so much better than every other ritual one might work on.  Let me start by saying that there are 3 main methods of attack.  I became more responsible, after working with the occult, because I realized that things come back on the attacker.   There is some notion that negativity can fly back at you threefold when you use magic to attack someone.  Another occult author stated that black magic is worse than a loaded gun.  Most of society won’t help you to take revenge out on someone and if you carried it out in real life the authorities will come get you and lock you away!   Don’t even say that you intend someone harm or the police will be knocking at your door.  While I discuss a dangerous subject it’s important that those working with occult rituals know that they have at their disposal a variety of methods of attack.  This is meant only if someone has wronged you - it is not meant to be a means of attack on an innocent bystander.  Many think that occult is about voodoo dolls or some blood ritual.  You don’t need that as black magic be stripped down to 3 basic simple methods.  

So, here are the main three.  I would be interested to hear from someone who knows of other methods and I might add it to this list:   (so, send me a comment)
1. Visualized Crime Drama - An example here might be better than trying to explain: Perhaps you’ve been denied unemployment?  Maybe, your caseworker denied you unemployment because you work 2 part-time jobs and 1 job has laid you off.  Your caseworker has made the decision to not give you benefits.  You lay awake at night: you’re irritated and can’t sleep.  I’m sure you’ve seen Hollywood crime dramas where the not so nice person has been shot by police and hits the floor.  If you visualize the person that has caused you lack of sleep; have him/her suffer the same as a character you’ve seen in the movies, visualizing the same event over and over you may find that your irritation leaves you.  I’m not sure why this works but this is black magic in it’s simplest form.  Whether you have transferred hate to your enemy is to be debated.  Now, once you’ve gotten rid of your irritation you can feel better again.  You can sleep again at night.
2. Magical Spirit Intervention - If you’ve been reading this blog you should have a belief in spirits and their power to intervene in our daily lives.  Occult books still sell like wildfire as the church doesn’t always have an answer to life’s problems.  Do you think cops, therapists, friends or others can really help us with life’s enemies?   If someone has wronged you spirits can definitely be like a big brother to assist you in immobilizing your enemy.  Soon, they should  be so overwhelmed that they can no longer bother you.  The book mentioned herein by Geof Gray-Cobb uses spirits quite successfully.  I used one of the rituals years ago on a girlfriend’s friend.  Her friend always had something bad to say about me all the time as she tried to break me up from seeing my girlfriend.  All I needed was the anger and Gray-Cobb’s book of anger rituals to do the job.  Her friend was in the hospital with an unusual pressure in her spine.  It was the second case in all the history of the hospital as the staff tried to figure out what was wrong.  She had to go in for painful spinal taps to lower the pressure in her spine.  Spirits can be your equalizer in dealing with life’s problems.
3. Curses - One overlooked form of dangerous magic is the curse.  Most books never cover it, but it is mentioned in the Bible.  We have the power to bless as well as curse.  Even as Christians pray for people to protect them, you have the power to curse as well.  If you hunt for it I believe you will find the verse in the Bible where there are instructions to curse a tree and it will stop producing.  Curses have power over plants, people and other objects.  To make a curse work successfully you should have some idea of what the item looks like and you should know it’s name.  If you know the person’s title that might help to distinguish your enemy as well.  Egyptians also felt that if you had the name of some thing you have power over that something.  Curses are like affirmations: as you say the curse over and over daily you may be able to see its effects over time.  I used to use affirmations in college saying something hundreds of times in a day.  I’ve tested curses a few times and am relatively new to them.  Many of you may not believe it but it is worth a try.  After saying a curse over and over, I found the water pipes breaking in the basement of a building where I once worked.  I constantly test things to see their effects.  I suspected a person of working some witchcraft at work; I placed a curse on him.  He immediately had failed car parts on his new car that caused him to miss getting to work to work on time.  Curses work like a seeming bad luck for others.  I may have to test curses more to find out more.   Enemies will become my test subjects for future black magic. Please be aware that curses cause you more harm for you than your intended target!

Be cautious as the negativity can come back on you!  Black magic is only to be used if you feel a threat from others or if someone has done you wrong.  The person I suspected of bad witchcraft always talked out loud about people that shouldn’t be working in his building and the persons that he talked about soon got into strange accidents.  He was the person I acted against with a curse.  

What can we learn about black magic?   Why does it work so well as compared to other kinds of magic?   I think I’ve got an answer after all these years.  After someone has done you wrong don’t you desire to get back at that someone?   Don’t you wish some harm to come against that wrongdoer?  Nothing motivates more than the want for revenge.  In revenge, magic works its greatest.  So, in order to accomplish we must DESIRE, WISH OR WANT STRONGLY.

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