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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Warning You About New Age Sites With A Christian Slant

New October 31, 2015

Religious authorities have always remained a threat to the passing of information.  Many, many years ago our own Catholic church persecuted people for the wrong beliefs.  People had to undergo torture for the sake of Catholic ideology.  Today, churches or religious authorities wage a constant battle against what they see as "of the devil".  These sites have a problem because they give a Christian religious slant or bias toward their own religion:

Google places these sites on top with high ranking in the search engine.  This is probably due to the fact that these preachers pitch in big dollars to promote their own books.  Look at these sites and see if is just more Christian marketing for another book they are selling:

The New Age is simply a category, like where your local bookstore might place the books in. I noticed that my local Barnes & Noble bookstore has renamed the topic as "Alternative Beliefs" online and "Mystical Philosophies" in the store.  Every church differs in their definition of God and what Christians are supposed to do. Not all "new agers" believe the same thing either. If I made a statement that Lutherans are really just like Catholics I'd never hear the end of it! We (new agers) do create realities by visualization and many religious writers have taught the idea of goal setting or visualization. Putting all of us into a stereotype is wrong. Ancient wisdom is studied all the time: old ideologies are viewed on TV history channels. Some sites have done their research and are more informative about the field than others. The last site above, with high ranking on the first page, did some defining with an outline.  This website teaches that the new age movement has beliefs that teach specific things. The area called new age has many subjects and not everyone is following those specific philosophies. Some people just check their daily horoscope. People, on the whole, have many things that they've made #1 in their life. They might make their god: sports (team sports, racing), hunting, restoring autos, other hobbies, vices (like drugs, sex or alcohol), money or success.

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