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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My Free Occult Directory

New October 31, 2015

This will be an ongoing list of my own free occult directory. 

Years ago, I contemplated doing an occult directory through mail order.  I'd sell it for $2 to $5.  I noticed a few books out there that tried it, but it is something that needs to be constantly updated.   It should be a great one stop directory of great places to go for occult and new age books/items/services/information.

I may start to build this slowly so come back soon to see what I've added.  It will facts, my opinions and observations.  I've classified the topics into 3 major groups and a miscellaneous other for what doesn't fit:

A. Magic - Creating change through ritual, spellcasting, charms or chanting

B. Psychic - View the world through other senses, not always using our 5 physical senses
   1. Lucid Dreams - realizing you are dreaming in a dream
   2. Astral Travel - projection of your "self" or consciousness into a non-physical body
C. Divination - Trying to see the future or figure out what path to take in life
   1. I Ching - best method to determine your next step or path to take in life
   2. Pendulum - good divination method, prone to bias
   3. Intuition - great to develop this, better to find what you should do over the long run D. D. Other Topics


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