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Friday, December 5, 2014

End of World Theories From Christians, Authors, Gamers and Everyone!


I've got to keep this blog going with regular posts.  I've been getting away from it with editing of my second book.   If you've read several entries of this blog you've probably come to understand that I'm a believer in a observer created universe.  You have some influence with what will happen based on your thoughts and actions.   Visualizations and affirmations have a lot to do with what happens tomorrow in the world.

Take Christians, for example.   Many Christians have a belief in the last book of the Bible.   It foretells a terrible outcome.   Many Christians in large numbers believe the last book has a literal meaning.  By virtue of a group thought form they believe those very events will occur in the near future.   This group thought form is an egregore.  Compared to a single person's thought form the egregore has more power.  As a whole, Christians weigh a lot on future events.

Lately, the price of oil has been dropping considerably.  This was one of the prophecies.   The other morbid prophecy was that wheat or bread will rise 7 times the price.   The possibility of war, adverse weather or other problems between nations could leave us with a massive food shortage.  I remember my buddy in college used to tell me that if his family was starving he would steal.   Desperate circumstances call for desperate measures.   Makes you think.   What would you do?   If we had a depression in the U.S. today, people don't have the respect for each other that they did in the 20's.  They might think the only option is to break into the neighbors house for food and money (if money is worth anything).

Authors also play a part in our world's outcome.   Many authors write of a dystopian future.   Some may take their ideas from other authors to do similar stories.   These stories can also weigh in as readers form a picture of the story in their mind.   Popular authors have many readers forming these stories in their head which could also release an egregore into the world

Gamers that are playing popular war like games are also in large numbers.   They've been playing with these artificial "war-like" worlds.  These gamers are also in large numbers.

We all play a part in shaping tomorrow's world, but some of us are influencing more greatly.  Think about it.  

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