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Monday, February 1, 2010

My Free Online Book on the Occult and Mission

Updated 1/3/13

You are reading what was meant to be a book called The New Age Secret: An Occult Researcher's Journal Revealed. It was originally called The Life and Times of an Independent Occultist, but that didn't sound as good. The second title reflects on the fact that I usually study this material alone. I am not a fancy writer as this was to be my first published book. I have decided to share this first one online. It doesn't even have copyright. I invite other writers out there to explore these topics and perhaps share their ideas on the subject. It was going to take too much time getting written permission from every publisher mentioned that I probably wouldn't have released it until 2025! This will really be just an occult book blog written like a new age book. I will cite brief examples much like research papers that try to prove a point. It is simply a summary of some great book reviews of recommended new age books one should have in their personal library. Unlike other books out there I hope to make this one of the most controversial sites on the web.  Call it what you like, but this a free eBook/blog.

For those that only wish to read this blog, you will get a lot of theory and sources to do it yourself. There is a great directory of organizations and groups to join. I am aiming to make this blog one of the most comprehensive on the web.

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